Ms Audrey S. Brooks

Miss Audrey S. Brooks became the Eternal Sweetheart of the Iota Phi Theta Fraternity shortly after its founding in 1963. During this time, Ms. Brooks worked on the staff at Morgan State University, in the office of the Registrar. She was a vital resource to Iota Phi Theta and many, many times she was able to assist the Brothers in the early growth and development of the Fraternity. It is interesting to note that Ms. Brooks also had a vested interest in Iota Phi Theta's success because her son, Bro. Wesley Jennings, was a member of Iota Phi Theta's first class of pledges.

In recognition of her efforts, Ms. Brooks was granted the title of "Eternal Sweetheart", an honor she wore proudly for the rest of her life. Ms. Brooks was a continual supporter of Iota Phi Theta and was a frequent guest at Iota Conclaves and workshops. As recently as five months before her passing, she attended the Fraternity's 40th Anniversary Conclave in Chicago. Ms. Brooks always felt it was important to exemplify the role of Iota Sweethearts to both in word and indeed. More importantly, she served as a "Surrogate Mom" to Iota Phi Theta. She considered all Iota Men to be her sons and all Iota Sweethearts to be her daughters. Iota Phi Theta's official flower, the Yellow Rose was chosen by Ms. Brooks and Brothers wear it proudly as a tribute to her.

The Feelings of the entire Iota Family can be summed up in the words to Iota's Sweetheart Song. ...

Iota Sweetheart, fair as a flower,
A precious gem to see.
Oh lovely maiden, girl of the hour,
You are the one for me.
With a love so true, there is no one but you,
Our heart show what we mean.
Iota Sweetheart, know that I love you,
Iota Phi Theta Queen














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